video encoding&cleaning

Unfiltered (click on images)                      Filter chain for this example

Filtered (click on images)


8mm video filter chain with VirtualDub 1.6
Analog 8mm captured as DV from a Digital8 camcorder.
In this case, color flicker of the tape was low, so the temporal smoother filter was sufficient. Use this filter everywhere. There is no such thing like a clean sky without it, not even with digital camcorders.

As amateur camcorders often have a really crappy contrast behavior, you may even better like an extreme gamma correction like this:

For the camcorder used here, a vertical color shift of 3 was best

The GC filter is used to increas horizontal sharpness

With low light shots (noisy ones), it may be advisable to raise Xsharpen's treshold to 64 and perhaps to omit the general convolution filter, in orer to avoid increasing noise !

The levels filter and HSV filter do the gamma correction

Original: noise in the sky and elsewhere. A bit dull.

Good weather should more look like this

Original: Shadows a bit dirty, not to mention the sky...

Filtered. There are still some double edges but they are not visible on a TV.

Original; obvious color shift.

Filtered; a tiny bit less detail in bright color parts but much cleaner

Original; trees look rather black, typical for amateur summer pictures.

Filtered. More like summer.

Original; pretty noisy.



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