video encoding&cleaning

Video encoding for presentations
(Powerpoint and web)

Tools used: Magix VideoDeluxe17HD*, Riva FLV encoder
*named Movie Edit Pro in the US
(Sorry the program windows are partially German but the settings are all that matters)

Universal SD (MPEG1)
Universal HD (MPEG2, master quality)

Compact high-quality mpeg4 HD (x.264) with Magix

requires current hardware to play smoothly!


Maxed-out MPEG1, SD with Magix

Integrates into Powerpoint presentations and plays on almost any computer. Although not HD, the encoding quality here is very good and should suffice in most cases.


MPEG2 HD master quality (1280x720p) with Magix

for playing HD on older machines or as source for flv encoding


FLV format encoding with riva

Flash-video for website integration; this is an example, the movie size can be adapted to the website layout. Use smaller sizes and a lower bitrate if you want to ensure smooth playing also on older computers.
A good format for the input file is the MPEG2-master explained above.

Riva FLV encoder in my opinion is by far the best free* tool for this purpose






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